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We make it possible to generate electricity locally and in island operation, which is needed to cover your consumption. The main theme in the use of wind and solar energy is an economic storage beyond the time of sunshine and for wind storms.

There is on one side the battery storage. This allows us, in the case of photovoltaics on light-filled days, to provide a good and sufficient supply of planned consumers if their capacity values ​​are well adjusted. Long-term storage is required beyond this time. This happens with us over the use of the excess energy, by conversion into hydrogen, by means of electrolysis. The whole thing happens under high pressure, since one cubic meter of hydrogen at atmospheric pressure, only provides an amount of energy of about 3 kWh.

This hydrogen can then be used in two directions.

1.) reconversion via a fuel cell to power the island.

2.) Direct use of hydrogen for refueling cars, forklift ect.

Our project has succeeded only through active or advisory activities of cooperation partners. These include the planners of the Ergo Sun, engineering company for ecological house energy technology, the Anleg GmbH in the gas control line, victron energy, Elekto Behnke, B & L Instuments GmbH, Dieter Pohl software and advisory advice by the University of Applied Sciences Strahlsund and QUEL power supply systems. The development was freely funded, with no funding or government grants.





Fuel cell


Technical aspects


The now completed plant is designed for an annual consumption of about 6.5 TkWh / a and designed as a real island, i. no connection to the fixed network and also no feed-in to the grid.

The energy basis is a 15 kWp PV system, coupled with the island in a 48 V DC system.

Daily storage are lithium iron phosphate batteries. The consumer alternating current is ensured via DC / AC converter.


This "summer island" alone has enabled the entire power supply for the system from March 2017 to October 2017 in practice. However, it is necessary to organize a simple consumption management. The idea of ​​the "island" must also be internalized mentally, i. we only have the amount of energy available, which provides us with the capacity of the entire plant. You can not get 10 kWh from a 5 kWh storage.

The landline from which you can use thoughtlessly is not available. However, this does not mean any comfort restriction, but requires an intelligent organization!


Our plant is designed on the technical basis of 5 kWh electrical power, both in the field of electrolyzer, as well as the fuel cell and now in function. The electrolyzer is a new development based on anionic membrane electrolysis. The hydrogen has an outlet pressure of 20 bar and is compressed by an electric compressor to 300 bar and stored in bundles. The storage capacity thus achieved is just under 500 kWh per bundle of cylinders. (12 pcs. A 50l)

At various measuring points we take input and output values ​​to determine the true efficiencies.

As fuel cell, an air-cooled version was chosen to first secure the entire electrical route and at the same time to keep the reaction space warm in winter.


Application areas


The overall system: CO2-free power generation as a self-sufficient power generator. Flexible as an energy container, assembled from 5 kWh - 20 kWh


The "summer island" for network freedom! from March to October


High self-supply in the electricity sector, as well as fuel supply in the hydrogen sector after elimination of the promotion of PV systems.


The hydrogen package: PV - electrolyzer - storage

- filling station for logistics centers (forklifts) or car dealerships (initial refueling, maintenance of H2 cars)


Heating systems, free of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions.

Heat pump systems, e.g. the ice storage heater and the year-round power supply via our system.

Experience shows that even the summer supply of the electric car in city mode, via the normal power connection works well.



Our offer covers all 5 areas of application or even parts of it.

For the small summer island, calculated on a mean annual consumption of approx. 3.5 T kWh (home size), we have just completed the basic project

It is essential to create a energy consumption profile before planning a plant!


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